A new old region “Zambesia”

Broad are the shoulders of our forefathers in Africa.

They have saved us great gifts of glorious wonder.

Strong but weak, are the gifts of our Nature.

Now can the generations protect them?

Although the name Zambezia ( with a “z” ) currently, formally, applies to a small region of Northern Mozambique on the River Zambezi the term Zambesia was originally applied to a much larger area of Southern Africa.

In pre-colonial times the Region of Zambesia referred to a considerable area that stretched from the Southern shores of Lake Tanganyika in the North to the Limpopo River in the South. It is within this band from coasts East to West that the river systems drain into the great Zambezi River known at the time as the “Zanbere” or “Zambesi” that the region received the name. ZAMBESIA

This naturally unique region, is of major economic importance to the world, with all sorts of gifts to offer, in the form of wealthy mineral deposits. In this case however, it is in the Nature and Culture and their sustainable utilisation through tourism, that we are interested.

The concept of regional tourism to this area is one that is slowly catching on and it is hoped that we will see the various countries’ “buy in” to the concept of regional tourism in Zambesia more and more in years to come.

The region includes:

  • Angola
  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique

The reason we are interested in this new, but old term “Zambesia” is to differentiate the overpowering assumption that so much of Southern Africa is part of South Africa. We are encouraging the lessor known countries as listed above to work together to encourage tourism to this region.


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