Where we have been, where we are and where we are going

We were married very young, had an (instant) family and began work in tourism in 1991. Since then its been a glorious, exhilarating and often exhausting rollercoaster of juggling parenthood with the ever shifting travel industry.

Our children are now finishing university, and providence decided it was time for the Browns to travel. Quite by chance Robin entered a competition at a travel show – the last entrant, not even knowing what the prizes were. Lo and behold he managed to win !Business class tickets with Star Alliance, Around the World. Now, a year later, our dream is coming true and we still have to take the tickets out make sure this is REALLY happening.

We attend travel shows frequently and are constantly frustrated by the lack of understanding of our beautiful region. The world has so many preconceived ideas on “darkest Africa” most of which are utterly unfounded. We want to approach people from all walks of life and awaken a glimmer of understanding of our home.